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Wallis - The Woman I Love

All writers take a pinch of fact and beat it to a froth with a handful of fiction, then fold in a tablespoon of one friend, and a cup of acquaintances. This is the recipe for “Letters of a Travelling Lady” a visual feast with lush countryside and architectural delights of 1980’s UK, forming the backdrop to the delightful story of a woman’s nostalgic journey home to sort out her heart. Written with verve and wit, this excellent ‘diary’ is both informative and compassionate. The armchair traveler can accompany Priscilla on her romantic ramble as she travels through The Cotswolds, Sussex, Suffolk, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Oxford, Cambridge, Wales, Paris and Switzerland, accompanied by outstanding photographs capturing the essence of the era. Basing herself in London and visiting the highlights of the city, including Trooping of the Colour. Evoking happy memories for some and future delights for others. If you cannot visit England here’s the next best thing.

You can purchase the book directly from Xlibris Publishing. A link to their online bookstore is here.

It is also available from Amazon at the link here.

Wallis - The Woman I Love

The story of Wallis Warfield, a sophisticated American woman who dazzled England's favourite son and heir to the Royal throne, Edward the Prince of Wales. From their very first meeting introduced by Connie Thaw, to their sensational marriage in 1937. A touching love story written with verve and perception. This Royal affair and the power of love are as fascinating today as when it happened. The poem renders the scene with a clear portrayal of the time and period. An American woman with style and distinction, whose story was to affect a nation and change the direction of the Royal Family. No reader can fail to be intrigued by this historical event as the story unfolds to its dramatic conclusion. A King abdicates his throne for the woman he loves. No man could give up more to prove his devotion.

You can purchase the book directly from Xlibris Publishing. A link to their online bookstore is here.

It is also available from Amazon at the link here.

My Life and My Work

I am an artist and writer, British born and educated at Ealing Modern School in London. I studied, amongst other subjects, English literature and art which sewed the seeds for what would become a lifelong passion. It was not until 1970, after moving to Australia, that I began to satisfy my artistic desire when I first started porcelain on-glaze painting using mineral oxide paint, a style which soon became my forte. Within six months I had bought a kiln, and I embarked on an extensive series of courses over the following years in grounding, gold and silver guilding, lustres, raised paste and pen work.

In 1980 I began to offer my art through a number of major outlets, initially the Fine Art Department of the Myers city store followed by David Jones, Grace Brothers, The International Airport, Micawbers Antiques Sydney, Bourkes Hilton Hotel, Roseville Gallery and Toowoon Bay Gallery. I have also displayed at mixed exhibitions in various galleries around Sydney.

Over the years my painting styles have expanded to include oil, pastel and watercolour however my ceramic work is always in the forefront, with teaching and seminars now being introduced.

I am a member of the Society of Authors and also a member of the Society of Women Writers & Journalists, UK. My writing includes articles and poems published in This England, Evergreen and the Radio ABC Pot Pourri of Poems, as well as short stories in the Fellowship of Australia Anthology.

The "Happy Paintings" series are a quest to make people smile. All of these works are in oil paint, and some have also been featured on ceramics. My hope is that they will be taken up for the production of cards in some fashion.

The Complete Guide to Decorating Porcelain

My Reference Book

A desire to encourage students to start porcelain painting inspired me to write "The Complete Guide to Painting and Decorating Porcelain", opening a new window for readers into the enthralling world of art.

After acceptance of the manuscript in 2008 a contract was signed giving the publisher exclusive rights to sell the work throughout the English speaking world. The book was published in London and Australia in 2009.

Links to the publisher, and other websites, can be found here.

I also have a number of other manuscripts which are available for publication, details of which are here.

Patricia Newell-Dunkley
June 2011

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