All writers take a pinch of fact and beat it to a froth with a handful of fiction, then fold in a tablespoon of one friend, and a cup of acquaintances. This is the recipe for "Letters of a Travelling Lady" a visual feast with lush countryside and architectural delights of 1980's UK, forming the backdrop to the delightful story of a woman's nostalgic journey home to sort out her heart. Written with verve and wit, this excellent 'diary' is both informative and compassionate.

The armchair traveler can accompany Priscilla on her romantic ramble as she travels through The Cotswolds, Sussex, Suffolk, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Oxford, Cambridge, Wales, Paris and Switzerland, accompanied by outstanding photographs capturing the essence of the era. Basing herself in London and visiting the highlights of the city, including Trooping of the Colour. Evoking happy memories for some and future delights for others. If you cannot visit England here's the next best thing.

Letters of a Travelling Lady by Patricia Newell-Dunkley.

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