The Upstairs Cat (Poem)
Word count 1,020

What happens when two beautiful pussycats that live in the same house fall in love with two unlikely friends? Rosie the upstairs cat, and Oliver the downstairs cat, has many a tumble while sorting out their problems before finally resolving them on a bright sunny day. Read of the surprise in store for Daniel and his father George.

Rosie is the upstairs cat
   And rarely ventures down
She curls herself upon the stairs
   And wears a constant frown
It’s not that she’s unfriendly
   Or anything like that
She just enjoys the top floor best
   Being an unusual cat.

Her coat bright blue and silver
   With patches of pure white
A vision of feline beauty
   Fluffy and sheer delight
She started life so badly
   Abandoned in a hedge
‘Tis the reason for her caution
   As she sits upon stairs edge.

The bathroom is her nightly spot
   Warm, scented and cosy
She waits to see who’ll visit her
   And whisper “Hello Rosie”
Lying in the bathtub –
   With bubbles to the ceiling
They tell her all their secrets
   Most private and revealing.

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Best Friends (Contemporary)
Word count 56,400.

Trudi Jenkins is tired of being the other woman in a love triangle with her ex fiance Phillip Angus who is married to her one time best friend Belinda. When Belinda declares she is pregnant again Trudi confronts Phillip who declares the child cannot be his because he has had a vasectomy, with his sperm frozen. Devastated by both announcements, Trudi decides to move on and marry Jean-Pierre Auriel a wealthy banker from Guernsey.

Belinda knows of her husband’s affair with Trudi but is unconcerned because she herself is having an affair with portrait artist Maximillion Bennetto. The bombshell explodes when Max sponsored by Film Producer Gregory Chesterfield the third dumps Belinda and sets off to America to further his career; Chesterfield meets Belinda and falls for her beauty. Belinda, carrying Max’s child, leaves Phillip and her elder son Jonathan for Chesterfield to live the jetset life in the U.S.

Phillip’s mother confesses to a teenage love affair in Italy of which he is the result. His biological father has died and Phillip the only heir to the aristocrat’s villa and fortune. Armed with his new persona Phillip chases Trudi to Guernsey to win her back. On arrival in Guernsey Trudi discovers Jean-Pierre has an ex-wife, twin daughters, hidden treasure and is conducting an affair with the housekeeper who is pregnant to him. Confrontation ensues and she returns to London refusing to see either Jean-Pierre or Phillip.
Belinda learning of the inheritance decides to use it as a bargaining tool to gain custody of her first son, Jonathan. With the birth of her second son, Leonardo, she swears never to reveal that Max is the father.

The turning point comes for Phillip when he realises his mistakes he talks Trudi into going to Italy with him where they finally reconcile and marry. While on honeymoon they hear the news of the murder/suicide deaths of Belinda and Gregory Chesterfield. Phillip and Trudi concerned for baby Leonardo, brings the child back to Italy and adopts him.
Complications set in when years later, Tamara, daughter of Phillip and Trudi wants to marry Leonardo, whose paternity it is now essential to clarify. At a chance meeting at The Royal Academy in London they discover Max Brunnetto, now a famous artist, and the issue is resolved.

This fast-paced contemporary romance romps along as the author explores today’s way of life and the part modern technology plays in people’s lives.

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Chocolate Fudge (Romantic Comedy)
Word count 50,000

Professional Reader’s Report.

Comments: Chocolate Fudge is an all-around entertaining romance novel that has potential. This author writes with a very dynamic, reader-friendly style. The book is a light-hearted, fun read that clicks right along. There’s never a dull moment here, as the gorgeous Scarlett Wellbeloved gets herself involved in all manner of intrigue and drama when she walks into Harrod’s department store. The story has a great deal of charm. The British dialect is thick here, and works quite well, making this a colorful story which American readers should enjoy.

We also have a nice combination here of the romance plot involving Scarlett and Mark and the crime story revolving around the jewel thieves. The author does a fine job in weaving the two different plot elements together. They combine nicely to make some good conflict, as the main character Scarlett juggles her passion and yearning for Mark with the dizzying events she finds unfolding around her—being followed by suspicious characters and having people grabbing for her bag etc.

The narrative has a great deal of energy, as the plot moves along quickly and builds. Plus, there’s plenty going on here to keep our interest. Not only do we follow Scarlett, Mark, and the people involved with the crime, both criminals and detectives, but Scarlett’s wacky old aunts get involved as well, plus Scarlett’s cop boyfriend who’s on hand to further complicate matters. So it becomes a rather madcap adventure that’s a lot of fun.

The romance between Scarlett and Mark works quite well too. The chemistry is good between these two, who are both portrayed as compelling, charming characters. There’s a delightful scene in the restaurant when they’re falling in love and eating chocolate cake, and Scarlett blurts out a question about marriage to Mark who surprises her with a question about whether or not she can make a chocolate fudge cake. Anyway, it’s all good light-hearted fun and endears us to these two main characters.

The food theme also works well here. Any reader who likes chocolate is sure to enjoy this story, where the chocolate theme is always present, as various characters obsess about chocolate cake, chocolate violet bon bons or chocolate fudge. It all adds to the erotic quality of the story, making it that much more engaging. I really don’t have anything to criticize about this engaging little romance. Yes, it’s a fluffy, light-hearted read, but that’s exactly what’s intended here. It’s very accessible, entertaining read that may be marketable. As such I recommend that it be given further consideration.

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Wallis – The Woman I Love (Narrative Poem)
58 Pages. 4,900 Words.

The story of Wallis Warfield, a sophisticated American woman who dazzled England’s favourite son and heir to the Royal throne, Edward The Prince of Wales. From their very
first meeting introduced by Connie Thaw, to their sensational marriage in 1937.

A touching love story written with verve and perception. This Royal affair and the power of love are as fascinating today as when it happened. The poem renders the scene with a clear portrayal of the time and period. Wallis Warfield was elegant, worldly, and ever extraordinary. An American woman with style and distinction, whose story was to affect a nation and change the direction of the Royal Family. No reader can fail to be intrigued by this historical event as the story unfolds to its dramatic conclusion. A King abdicates his throne for the woman he loves. No man could give up more to prove his devotion.

Part One - The Beginning.

‘Wallis my dear, are you free?
   To join a weekend party?
You’ll never guess who is to come,
   He’s handsome hail and hearty.
One hears so many rumours,
   About this fascinating man.
Darling, do join this soiree…
   I really hope you can.

The last weekend in November,
   At Thelma’s country house.
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire,
   Riding and shooting grouse.’
Connie gave an airy chuckle-
   A glamorous Morgan girl.
‘I need you and Ernest desperately,
   Please Wallis, be my pearl.

I promise you a lovely time,
   With company you’ll adore.
Will put a feather in your cap,
   That will open every door.
Stand in for me as hostess,
   You’re the perfect chaperone.
You’ll meet the most divine of men,
   And heir to the royal throne.’

She gave another chuckle,
   Beautiful Connie Thaw.
Used to getting her own way,
   Never refused before.
One of three famous sisters
   Known for social deeds,
American, rich and glamorous
   Aflame with passionate needs.

Wallis was whom she wanted,
   Confidant and close friend.
Socially connected, a la mode,
   Wallis would easily blend.
Used to the Embassy’s way of life,
   Aware of social graces.
Wallis sharp-eyed, brain to match,
   Familiar to most of the faces.

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Arranged Marriage (Romance)
Word count 50,000


Buxom, beautiful Sophia Melli is a P.R. officer for the Italian Consulate in Sydney. While on three weeks holiday in Italy she falls in love and has a passionate affair with Carlo di Vinci. A rendezvous at the Sydney Opera House is arranged for one month after Sophia returns home. The date passes and no Carlo.

Luigi Melli, Sophia’s papa, informs her it is time she married and provided grandchildren. He cajoles her into meeting his godson, Antonio Barrotti, who lives in Rome, is a successful fashion designer and is the son of his friends Giovanni and Rosita.

When Sophia meets Antonio she is shocked to discover he is her lover Carlo. At first Sophia thinks it is a wonderful coincidence, then challenges him on his deception. Carlo explains an accident and time spent in hospital kept him from their reunion. Sophia, in love, is completely overwhelmed and agrees to rekindle their affair, which leads to passion and disastrous discoveries. Sophia is left disillusioned, pregnant and wondering where Carlo’s one-time mistress, part-time top model and current personal assistant, Lucette, fits into his life.

Fast paced, easy to read and never dull, the story plays out before the marvelous backdrops of Sydney, Rome, Tuscany and Venice, as well as the glamorous world of haute couture and sizzling characters. This sexy, romantic and family story unfolds as modern-thinking Sophia attempts to discover if her papa, Luigi, and Carlo/Antonio conspired to trick her.

Did Carlo know whom she was when they first met? Did it really matter in the scheme of things?

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