Arranged Marriage (Romance)
Word count 50,000


Buxom, beautiful Sophia Melli is a P.R. officer for the Italian Consulate in Sydney. While on three weeks holiday in Italy she falls in love and has a passionate affair with Carlo di Vinci. A rendezvous at the Sydney Opera House is arranged for one month after Sophia returns home. The date passes and no Carlo.

Luigi Melli, Sophia’s papa, informs her it is time she married and provided grandchildren. He cajoles her into meeting his godson, Antonio Barrotti, who lives in Rome, is a successful fashion designer and is the son of his friends Giovanni and Rosita.

When Sophia meets Antonio she is shocked to discover he is her lover Carlo. At first Sophia thinks it is a wonderful coincidence, then challenges him on his deception. Carlo explains an accident and time spent in hospital kept him from their reunion. Sophia, in love, is completely overwhelmed and agrees to rekindle their affair, which leads to passion and disastrous discoveries. Sophia is left disillusioned, pregnant and wondering where Carlo’s one-time mistress, part-time top model and current personal assistant, Lucette, fits into his life.

Fast paced, easy to read and never dull, the story plays out before the marvelous backdrops of Sydney, Rome, Tuscany and Venice, as well as the glamorous world of haute couture and sizzling characters. This sexy, romantic and family story unfolds as modern-thinking Sophia attempts to discover if her papa, Luigi, and Carlo/Antonio conspired to trick her.

Did Carlo know whom she was when they first met? Did it really matter in the scheme of things?

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