Wallis – The Woman I Love (Narrative Poem)
58 Pages. 4,900 Words.

The story of Wallis Warfield, a sophisticated American woman who dazzled England’s favourite son and heir to the Royal throne, Edward The Prince of Wales. From their very
first meeting introduced by Connie Thaw, to their sensational marriage in 1937.

A touching love story written with verve and perception. This Royal affair and the power of love are as fascinating today as when it happened. The poem renders the scene with a clear portrayal of the time and period. Wallis Warfield was elegant, worldly, and ever extraordinary. An American woman with style and distinction, whose story was to affect a nation and change the direction of the Royal Family. No reader can fail to be intrigued by this historical event as the story unfolds to its dramatic conclusion. A King abdicates his throne for the woman he loves. No man could give up more to prove his devotion.

Part One - The Beginning.

‘Wallis my dear, are you free?
   To join a weekend party?
You’ll never guess who is to come,
   He’s handsome hail and hearty.
One hears so many rumours,
   About this fascinating man.
Darling, do join this soiree…
   I really hope you can.

The last weekend in November,
   At Thelma’s country house.
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire,
   Riding and shooting grouse.’
Connie gave an airy chuckle-
   A glamorous Morgan girl.
‘I need you and Ernest desperately,
   Please Wallis, be my pearl.

I promise you a lovely time,
   With company you’ll adore.
Will put a feather in your cap,
   That will open every door.
Stand in for me as hostess,
   You’re the perfect chaperone.
You’ll meet the most divine of men,
   And heir to the royal throne.’

She gave another chuckle,
   Beautiful Connie Thaw.
Used to getting her own way,
   Never refused before.
One of three famous sisters
   Known for social deeds,
American, rich and glamorous
   Aflame with passionate needs.

Wallis was whom she wanted,
   Confidant and close friend.
Socially connected, a la mode,
   Wallis would easily blend.
Used to the Embassy’s way of life,
   Aware of social graces.
Wallis sharp-eyed, brain to match,
   Familiar to most of the faces.

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