Chocolate Fudge (Romantic Comedy)
Word count 50,000

Professional Reader’s Report.

Comments: Chocolate Fudge is an all-around entertaining romance novel that has potential. This author writes with a very dynamic, reader-friendly style. The book is a light-hearted, fun read that clicks right along. There’s never a dull moment here, as the gorgeous Scarlett Wellbeloved gets herself involved in all manner of intrigue and drama when she walks into Harrod’s department store. The story has a great deal of charm. The British dialect is thick here, and works quite well, making this a colorful story which American readers should enjoy.

We also have a nice combination here of the romance plot involving Scarlett and Mark and the crime story revolving around the jewel thieves. The author does a fine job in weaving the two different plot elements together. They combine nicely to make some good conflict, as the main character Scarlett juggles her passion and yearning for Mark with the dizzying events she finds unfolding around her—being followed by suspicious characters and having people grabbing for her bag etc.

The narrative has a great deal of energy, as the plot moves along quickly and builds. Plus, there’s plenty going on here to keep our interest. Not only do we follow Scarlett, Mark, and the people involved with the crime, both criminals and detectives, but Scarlett’s wacky old aunts get involved as well, plus Scarlett’s cop boyfriend who’s on hand to further complicate matters. So it becomes a rather madcap adventure that’s a lot of fun.

The romance between Scarlett and Mark works quite well too. The chemistry is good between these two, who are both portrayed as compelling, charming characters. There’s a delightful scene in the restaurant when they’re falling in love and eating chocolate cake, and Scarlett blurts out a question about marriage to Mark who surprises her with a question about whether or not she can make a chocolate fudge cake. Anyway, it’s all good light-hearted fun and endears us to these two main characters.

The food theme also works well here. Any reader who likes chocolate is sure to enjoy this story, where the chocolate theme is always present, as various characters obsess about chocolate cake, chocolate violet bon bons or chocolate fudge. It all adds to the erotic quality of the story, making it that much more engaging. I really don’t have anything to criticize about this engaging little romance. Yes, it’s a fluffy, light-hearted read, but that’s exactly what’s intended here. It’s very accessible, entertaining read that may be marketable. As such I recommend that it be given further consideration.

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