The Upstairs Cat (Poem)
Word count 1,020

What happens when two beautiful pussycats that live in the same house fall in love with two unlikely friends? Rosie the upstairs cat, and Oliver the downstairs cat, has many a tumble while sorting out their problems before finally resolving them on a bright sunny day. Read of the surprise in store for Daniel and his father George.

Rosie is the upstairs cat
   And rarely ventures down
She curls herself upon the stairs
   And wears a constant frown
It’s not that she’s unfriendly
   Or anything like that
She just enjoys the top floor best
   Being an unusual cat.

Her coat bright blue and silver
   With patches of pure white
A vision of feline beauty
   Fluffy and sheer delight
She started life so badly
   Abandoned in a hedge
‘Tis the reason for her caution
   As she sits upon stairs edge.

The bathroom is her nightly spot
   Warm, scented and cosy
She waits to see who’ll visit her
   And whisper “Hello Rosie”
Lying in the bathtub –
   With bubbles to the ceiling
They tell her all their secrets
   Most private and revealing.

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